My Skin Story

As a young teenager I never really cared that much about my skin or things like beauty and make-up. However, as I’ve grown older and started to look at my body image a bit more I’ve come to realize that I don’t take very good care of my skin.

I wouldn’t say that I have bad skin but I wouldn’t say I have particularly good skin either. I can be quite acne prone and suffer with a lot of blackheads around my nose and t-zone. I know that one of the main reasons that my skin is the way it is is because I don’t take care of it well enough. Or at all…

Yes. I am the girl who leaves her make-up on after a night out. I can already hear people screaming at me through their screens asking how can you do that?!? The truth is I’m just lazy.

But now I’m going to take my skin into my own hands and learn to improve it. Over the next few months I am going to be putting products I know an love (and maybe a few new ones) to the test. I know it is going to take time to get the results I want but I am determined to come up with a strong routine and stick to it. Documenting it is also really going to help me stick to it and will hopefully help any readers that also struggle like me to keep up a skincare routine or just struggle with bad skin in general.

This page is where I’ll be linking each blog post to do with MySkinStory each week. Hope you enjoy!

Abbie ♥