MySkinStory: Re-vamp

So I’ve been off the blogging train for a while but I’m desperate to hop back on! And what better way to re-start my blogging journey than with a good old skincare post? Like my blogging, I have also let my skin go a little. Plus, being slightly stressed out with uni and relationship troubles has not done me any good either! So, after a huge clear out of my skincare products, I have put together a skincare routine (that I’m going to stick to this time) and I’d love to share it with you!

As every girl (or boy) will know, there’s nothing better than taking off a full face of makeup after a long day. Not only does it make you feel fully refreshed before snuggling down to bed, but it’s also best for your skin. Our skin needs time to breathe and replenish itself so by removing any dirt or impurities, we can allow it to do just that!

Although it is not essential to follow a regimented routine day and night, Dr. Patricia Wexler of Wexler Dermatology suggests that ‘you see most consistent results if you follow a regimen with products regularly’. That’s why I have decided to put together a routine that I’m going to follow every day to see if I get the results that I’m after, and hopefully, you can follow along with me. But remember! Everyone’s skin is different so what works for me might not work for you! I’ll be trying out a few different methods as I’m certain I won’t find my perfect skincare routine straight away.

On an evening, I’ll start out with a few of the products that I have always known and loved. I have always trusted Simple as a brand as I believe it is kind to your skin whilst also being tough enough to get rid of that hard to reach make-up and other impurities in your skin. I often use Simple cleansing wipes to clear off the majority of my face. However, I know that wipes alone do not clear off as much as I would like them to. They are a good way to begin my routine as they allow me to have a good starting point.

I usually follow this up with Garnier Micellar Cleansing water on a cotton pad and work my way around my T-Zone to remove all that hard to reach dirt and makeup that the wipes might have missed. And the proof is on the cotton! While you may look at you makeup wipe and think that you must have removed everything on your face, give micellar water a try. It doesn’t have to be Garnier, but I promise you, you’ll be shocked by the amount of product that stays on your face after wipes!

Once my face is clean and clear of any impurities, I then close my pores with a toner on another cotton pad so that no dirt gets into those lovely clean pores.

After this, I like to moisturise my skin to keep that healthy glow. This is a new product I have tried so I’m not sure of the results yet but I will definitely keep you posted! I purchased my T-ZONE Skin Clearing Face Moisturiser from Home Bargains but I’m pretty sure you can get it from other discount stores and online too. It’s formulated with Tea Tree which is a great anti-bacterial and soothing agent. I’ve been suffering from some spots recently so I’m hoping that with, along with the other products, will help to clear that up.

Just before I hop into bed, I apply a good helping of Vaseline to my lips to keep them nice and moisturised while I sleep. Evening routine: done!

It’s also important to cleanse your face in the morning, too. Follow my page to stay notified on when I post my morning routine, coming soon!



Why I’m against 13 Reasons Why (2 min read)

I’m writing this post because my younger sister came home today and told me that a boy had committed suicide last night. A boy of 15 years old decided he had no other choice but to take his own life.  I don’t know any of the details however it got me thinking about the way suicide and depression and other mental health issues are perceived today.

Suicide is not beautiful. Shows such as 13 Reasons Why glamourise mental health. That is a fact whether we like it or not.  I understand that the main message behind the show is to raise awareness of suicide and mental health but it did NOT do its job correctly. Their approach to the whole situation was so wrong in so many ways. Hannah died peacefully at home but that is not how it works in the real world. You suffer and die slowly in the most undignified ways and shows like these put it into the heads of young, impressionable teenagers who may already be in a bad state that suicide is the only option.

Yes it was tying to show real life and we as a society cannot shade our youth from the bad things in the world forever but we should not be feeding them these lies that mental health is beautiful.

Mental health is ugly. It’s crying yourself to sleep night after night. It’s hurting yourself just to feel something. People keep posting things like “it’s ok not to be ok”. But it’s not ok to suffer. We should be teaching kids to reach out for help not how to write suicide notes in the form of tapes. We should be teaching them that yes, people suffer with mental health and bullying and depression and anxiety but more importantly that there is help out there and that suicide is NOT the answer.

I did not know this boy’s situation but I find it sickening that he has been driven to such means of coping with whatever was going on in his life. I just wish that the media didn’t promote such impossible expectations of teenagehood and maybe one life could have been saved.
I am very passionate about preventing a season two of 13 Reasons Why as the show does not need to add anymore onto the story. Unless season two is going to be about a real girl (not some glamourised-fake-look at me-I’m sad so I’m going to kill myself-girl) who got help and learned to overcome her issues then season two does not need to exist.

Teenagers are so impressionable so it is important that we feed them positivity and although there is negativity in the world, why would you want to show them that? Why would you want to show them their only option is to keep quiet and suffer?
Please bear in mind that these are only my opinions and nothing is fact. I would appreciate any comments and please do correct me if I am offensive or unthoughtful towards anyone. I have just begun my own battle with mental health and I’m doing my best to become the human being I want to be.


Product Review: Makeup Brushes

Over the past few years my interest in makeup has grown massively and although I may not be at the professional makeup artist stage, I do consider myself fairly good at using makeup. My main trouble was that I didn’t have all the right tools in order to pull off some of the looks that I wanted to create. My makeup brush collection consisted of about 4 brushes in total, most of which were the ones that come with pallets or ones that were super old and beyond the point of saving. So, I decided that since I hadn’t treated myself in a while it was time to invest in some brand new makeup brushes. Makeup is about more than just the products that you use… The tools you apply it with make all the difference.

Because I am a student and on a bit of a budget I didn’t want to end up spending £20 on one brush and my younger sister (who is much better at makeup than me…) showed me her brushes that she bought from Argos.  Now this may seem like a strange place to immediately look to for makeup brushes but I am so glad I did.

The set that I went for was the Rio Professional Cosmetic Brush Collection (I’m not sure if all countries have Argos so I’ve linked to the actual Rio Cosmetics website instead – it’s the same price) which is a 24 piece set that includes any type of brush you can think of! It was £29.99 which I think is pretty good for a 24 piece brush set.


I was quite skeptical at first at the quality that these brushes may come in but I was so impressed by the way they work and am so happy about purchasing them. The overall quality and sturdiness of the brushes are very high quality. When I first took them out of their beautiful case that they came in they were a little ruffled up from the journey but they quickly opened out and settled into their proper shapes. The handles feel very nice and of good quality and the synthetic hairs feel SO soft on your skin. Also, the overall look of the brushes are stylish which although doesn’t really affect the quality of them still does make a difference to me. I like to have nice looking brushes to work with. The product pay off is good and everything is nicely blended and applied evenly and flawlessly.

I’d also like to praise the travel case that it comes in as it is very stylish and again of a high quality. Most brush sets just come in disposable packaging but the case really adds to the value of an already very reasonably priced product.


The variety of brushes is also very good and the set includes 2 fan brushes of different sizes, power, foundation, many different eye brushes, eyebrow brushes and combs, eyeliner, lip and highlight and contour brushes. Pretty much everything you’d need in a makeup set! I have never owned any high end makeup brushes so I can’t compare them to the quality of those but I personally wouldn’t buy a few brushes for £30 when I can buy a whole set for the same price… No matter how high the quality claimed to be.


Whether you’re a makeup beginner or a professional I think these brushes are such a great purchase for anyone and would definitely recommend you get your hands on these.

Abbie ♥

Tips for Moving Out

Going to uni for me meant that I was going to be living pretty much on my own for the next three to four years and that was a pretty scary situation! Obviously this was the first time I was moving out of my family home and I was moving an hour away in a city I’d barely ever been to before. It’s not all nerves and fear though. Moving out for the first time, whether it be in university residence or your first flat or house is so exciting! You get so much more independence but with that comes more responsibilities. You don’t have mum and dad to pick up after you anymore so it’s not all fun and games.

Tip 1 – Money

I’m going to start with the more serious stuff so we can get that out of the way… The first thing that springs to mind for me when moving out is money. Now that you live on your own you have full responsibility of your finances so you NEED to plan. Spending money left, right and center without checking up on it will leave you in a very sticky situation and I personally hate having to ask for money from my parents. The whole point of me moving out when I went to uni was so I could learn and experience real life with as little help from my parents as possible. Luckily I have always been a saver rather than a spender so I had a fair amount of money in my bank when I came to uni but that has dropped significantly! Unless you have a job you can expect to spend a lot of money when your come to uni because you’ll have no incomes. Yes you may have a little from a student loan but it’s not much, believe me!

Tip 2 – Organisation

It’s important to know where you stand with everything you have to do when you live alone and something that really helped me was a wall calendar. I always get a wall calendar for Christmas but I’d never really used one properly until I moved out. Mine comes with little re-usable stickers you can pop on to highlight the most important dates like essay deadlines or appointments. Make sure you fill out as much as you can when you first get it then you can consult it easily. I use mine most for uni stuff as it’s a huge reminder on my wall of impending exams or tests but you can use it for doctors or adding in holidays. Plus the stickers mean you don’t even have to write anything down. having a calendar or diary really helped me to organise when I was going to do things and how far in advance I had to prepare for them. It made me so much more calm about deadlines and meant I never missed anything.


Tip 3 – Storage

Whether it be your own apartment or student halls, my guess is that you’re going to be in quite a small space when you first move out and there isn’t going to be that much storage there. A small lifesaver for me was these boxes.


I got them from Home Bargains but they are so so handy for putting into drawers to section off and maximize the space in there. They’re a really cheap way of ensuring you have enough room for all your things. On that note, don’t take too much with you! Take this opportunity to de-clutter you belongings and have a fresh start. If you’re anything like me who tends to hoard things then moving out is the perfect time to go through your stuff and figure out what you don’t need.

♥  (Side tip – Turn all your clothes hangers backwards and whenever you wear something turn it back the right way. Any clothes still left backwards, give to charity or sell them. Maybe even use the money you make to buy some nice new ones that you’ll actually wear.)

Tip 4 – Cooking

When I left for uni I had barely cooked a thing in my life and pasta was pretty much the only thing in on my recipe cards but that can get very boring after a while. My roommates decided it would be best to cook meals together that we’d never cooked before. Not only did this help us to learn new recipes but it also allowed to to split the cost of our evening meals and made it a little cheaper. That’s so handy when you’re on a budget and you can help each other learn the skills your need. I’d also recommend buying a student cookbook or a slow cooker. Even if you aren’t a student, student cookbooks have really easy to make recipes that are relatively cheap but really tasty. Slow cookers mean you can just throw all the ingredients into the cooker in the morning and by the time you get home later you’ve got a lovely meal waiting for you.


Tip 5 – Cosy Bedroom

For me, having a nice, cosy place to go when I need to relax was essential. I filed my bedroom with fairy lights and pictures of memories and people that mean the most to me to give me a piece of home.

I hope these tips help you as they really did make moving out that little bit easier for me.

Abbie ♥

MySkinStory: Simple!

Hello and welcome to MySkinStory!  I’m so excited to be going on this journey and I can’t wait to share with you my results. I’ll link all of the products I feature in the post that I can find for you!


I’m going to jump straight into this post with a product that I have been absolutely loving this past week and I feel that it has really helped me to improve the overall appearance of my skin. That is the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub. I’m my last post I mentioned another face wash that I use in the shower but this one seems to be the next step up. It has micro-beads in it which really helps to exfoliate the skin around my nose which is a problem area for me. I have quite visibly large pores especially in my T-zone area which do tend to get clogged up with dirt and other stuff causing lots of blackheads but this scrub has been a huge help. Although it has not completely solved the problem it’s certainly reduced the amount of icky stuff in my face and cleaned up my skin loads. I don’t think I’ve been using this product long enough yet to give a full view on it but I use it mostly everyday in the morning to wake up my skin. My skin feels so much softer and it smells great too!


As I just mentioned, large pores are a problem for me but I only just realized this was what it was a few months ago. I just assumed my nose was unclean or I had spots but it was actually my pores I was looking at. This is why it is important to use a toner after cleansing as it closes them up and shrinks the appearance of pores. I have been using the Simple Soothing Facial Toner. It’s so kind to your skin and although I need to be more strict with myself in using on a daily basis in order to get the full results it does seem to be helping a little.


Another important step in your cleansing routine is moisturising. I again went with Simple and used their Hydrating Light Moisturiser so it does two things in one, cleans your skin and leaves behind a nice moisture to finish with. I can have quite oily skin at times but this one doesn’t break that oiliness out which is something I would look for in a moisturiser.

I’m still getting started with my routine so please feel free to recommend a few products to try out in the comments! My skin already feels in much better condition even after just a couple of weeks taking better care of it. If you really want good skin it is in your hands. As much as skin cleans itself it definitely needs a helping hand. I have a lot less redness now which was one of my main concerns so I’m really happy with my results so far!

Abbie ♥

Blogging is Hard

The main reason I started this blog was because it was suggested to me by a careers adviser. She told me that because I’m interested in journalism and media that it would be a good idea for me to have a blog where I could practice writing and get some work in my portfolio. I wanted my blog to be a place where I could write my thoughts and feelings on everyday topics, ideas and events. Sort of like a diary, but a diary that people would read.

The thing is… I haven’t really had any thoughts and feelings recently that I would want people to read. Obviously as someone who is interested in making their writing eventually lead to something professional I want my blog to be readable and not just full of something I randomly threw together in a few minutes.

I know that a blog is a place where you can go to just be creative and let your ideas flow but what if no ideas flow… what if there’s no creativity this time?

That got me thinking about my future career and how a lot of my work will depend on my ability to be creative and find a story that I can write about day in, day out. The thought excites me as I’ve never been the type of person who could sit in an office all day and copy from a spreadsheet. I want to be out there doing things. I want to make my brain work. Yes, blogging is sometimes hard but its helping me and setting me up for a career that I know that I am going to love and enjoy. It’s allowing me to get a tiny glimpse into the kind of challenges I get the privilege of overcoming.

Thanks for reading this very short, very random spurt of thoughts but I haven’t posted most of the week because I was lacking these random spurts…

Abbie ♥

Dealing with Deadlines

As a student it is inevitable that you are going to come across deadlines at some point in your time at university. Personally, I think I deal with deadlines pretty well and compared to some of my classmates and friends who seem to leave everything to the last minute, I am quite proud of how I’ve handled essays and getting things in on time this past year and a half. I’m the kind of person who will have an essay done and ready to be sent in weeks before it’s actually due otherwise I’ll be super stressed out and will never get it finished. In this post I’d like to share with you my hints and tips on how to stay on top of your work at university (or just deadlines in general).

My first and most important thing to think about when it comes to deadlines is to make sure you know exactly when all your deadlines are. Once you know how much work you have to do and when you need to do it by, you can set up a plan on how you are going to achieve them. At the start of each semester I looked through all my student handbooks and made a nice list of all the essays and exam I needed to do by the end of the semester. It looks a little something like this…


By splitting it up like this it felt like I had a lot less work to do and things seemed to flow much more smoothly. I would then cross off the ones I had finished and handed in and the feeling of relief when I finally got to cross another one off was so good. By doing this I could figure when I needed to start each assignment to get it done on time. This meant I had plenty of time and knew exactly what I was doing so I was a lot less stressed about the deadlines.

My next tip is to have breaks (but not too many!) Something I struggle with and probably always will do is keeping focused. It depends on each individual person but generally everyone needs a break now and again. Something that really helped with actually writing my essay is the first tip because if I had plenty of time to do it, then I could take my time and do a small amount every day and not worry about having to write all day non-stop. Breaks allow you to re-focus your mind and wind down for a little bit meaning your work will be much higher quality overall as you’re not rushing. I try to do at least half an hour at a time and have a short break doing something fun to reward myself for doing hard work. If you are going to use short times like this though, make sure the work you do within the time is good quality. I like to do something productive in my breaks and not just scroll through Facebook . I’d suggest investing in a little colouring book or maybe even read something to keep your mind in a creative zone so you can jump straight back into working again. My colouring book has some inspiring quotes in it that help me to focus a bit more too.

Another thing to keep in mind is yourself. It’s easy to forget about yourself when you are stressed about exams or deadlines so make sure you add in some self care* along with your work. Take a few snacks with you when you have a study session and more importantly stay hydratedThis keeps your mind working and helps you to focus. Also, a little treat like a nice bath with some candles after a hard day of studying really helps to relax you and sets you up for a productive day tomorrow.

* I’ll write a blog post on how I use self care soon ♥

I hope this has been helpful and given you some tips on how to handle stressful deadlines but if you have any questions let me know in the comments and I’ll answer them as best as I can!

Abbie ♥