Why I’m against 13 Reasons Why (2 min read)

I’m writing this post because my younger sister came home today and told me that a boy had committed suicide last night. A boy of 15 years old decided he had no other choice but to take his own life.  I don’t know any of the details however it got me thinking about the way suicide and depression and other mental health issues are perceived today.

Suicide is not beautiful. Shows such as 13 Reasons Why glamourise mental health. That is a fact whether we like it or not.  I understand that the main message behind the show is to raise awareness of suicide and mental health but it did NOT do its job correctly. Their approach to the whole situation was so wrong in so many ways. Hannah died peacefully at home but that is not how it works in the real world. You suffer and die slowly in the most undignified ways and shows like these put it into the heads of young, impressionable teenagers who may already be in a bad state that suicide is the only option.

Yes it was tying to show real life and we as a society cannot shade our youth from the bad things in the world forever but we should not be feeding them these lies that mental health is beautiful.

Mental health is ugly. It’s crying yourself to sleep night after night. It’s hurting yourself just to feel something. People keep posting things like “it’s ok not to be ok”. But it’s not ok to suffer. We should be teaching kids to reach out for help not how to write suicide notes in the form of tapes. We should be teaching them that yes, people suffer with mental health and bullying and depression and anxiety but more importantly that there is help out there and that suicide is NOT the answer.

I did not know this boy’s situation but I find it sickening that he has been driven to such means of coping with whatever was going on in his life. I just wish that the media didn’t promote such impossible expectations of teenagehood and maybe one life could have been saved.
I am very passionate about preventing a season two of 13 Reasons Why as the show does not need to add anymore onto the story. Unless season two is going to be about a real girl (not some glamourised-fake-look at me-I’m sad so I’m going to kill myself-girl) who got help and learned to overcome her issues then season two does not need to exist.

Teenagers are so impressionable so it is important that we feed them positivity and although there is negativity in the world, why would you want to show them that? Why would you want to show them their only option is to keep quiet and suffer?
Please bear in mind that these are only my opinions and nothing is fact. I would appreciate any comments and please do correct me if I am offensive or unthoughtful towards anyone. I have just begun my own battle with mental health and I’m doing my best to become the human being I want to be.



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