Over the past few years my interest in makeup has grown massively and although I may not be at the professional makeup artist stage, I do consider myself fairly good at using makeup. My main trouble was that I didn’t have all the right tools in order to pull off some of the looks that I wanted to create. My makeup brush collection consisted of about 4 brushes in total, most of which were the ones that come with pallets or ones that were super old and beyond the point of saving. So, I decided that since I hadn’t treated myself in a while it was time to invest in some brand new makeup brushes. Makeup is about more than just the products that you use… The tools you apply it with make all the difference.

Because I am a student and on a bit of a budget I didn’t want to end up spending £20 on one brush and my younger sister (who is much better at makeup than me…) showed me her brushes that she bought from Argos.  Now this may seem like a strange place to immediately look to for makeup brushes but I am so glad I did.

The set that I went for was the Rio Professional Cosmetic Brush Collection (I’m not sure if all countries have Argos so I’ve linked to the actual Rio Cosmetics website instead – it’s the same price) which is a 24 piece set that includes any type of brush you can think of! It was £29.99 which I think is pretty good for a 24 piece brush set.


I was quite skeptical at first at the quality that these brushes may come in but I was so impressed by the way they work and am so happy about purchasing them. The overall quality and sturdiness of the brushes are very high quality. When I first took them out of their beautiful case that they came in they were a little ruffled up from the journey but they quickly opened out and settled into their proper shapes. The handles feel very nice and of good quality and the synthetic hairs feel SO soft on your skin. Also, the overall look of the brushes are stylish which although doesn’t really affect the quality of them still does make a difference to me. I like to have nice looking brushes to work with. The product pay off is good and everything is nicely blended and applied evenly and flawlessly.

I’d also like to praise the travel case that it comes in as it is very stylish and again of a high quality. Most brush sets just come in disposable packaging but the case really adds to the value of an already very reasonably priced product.


The variety of brushes is also very good and the set includes 2 fan brushes of different sizes, power, foundation, many different eye brushes, eyebrow brushes and combs, eyeliner, lip and highlight and contour brushes. Pretty much everything you’d need in a makeup set! I have never owned any high end makeup brushes so I can’t compare them to the quality of those but I personally wouldn’t buy a few brushes for £30 when I can buy a whole set for the same price… No matter how high the quality claimed to be.


Whether you’re a makeup beginner or a professional I think these brushes are such a great purchase for anyone and would definitely recommend you get your hands on these.

Abbie ♥


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