Going to uni for me meant that I was going to be living pretty much on my own for the next three to four years and that was a pretty scary situation! Obviously this was the first time I was moving out of my family home and I was moving an hour away in a city I’d barely ever been to before. It’s not all nerves and fear though. Moving out for the first time, whether it be in university residence or your first flat or house is so exciting! You get so much more independence but with that comes more responsibilities. You don’t have mum and dad to pick up after you anymore so it’s not all fun and games.

Tip 1 – Money

I’m going to start with the more serious stuff so we can get that out of the way… The first thing that springs to mind for me when moving out is money. Now that you live on your own you have full responsibility of your finances so you NEED to plan. Spending money left, right and center without checking up on it will leave you in a very sticky situation and I personally hate having to ask for money from my parents. The whole point of me moving out when I went to uni was so I could learn and experience real life with as little help from my parents as possible. Luckily I have always been a saver rather than a spender so I had a fair amount of money in my bank when I came to uni but that has dropped significantly! Unless you have a job you can expect to spend a lot of money when your come to uni because you’ll have no incomes. Yes you may have a little from a student loan but it’s not much, believe me!

Tip 2 – Organisation

It’s important to know where you stand with everything you have to do when you live alone and something that really helped me was a wall calendar. I always get a wall calendar for Christmas but I’d never really used one properly until I moved out. Mine comes with little re-usable stickers you can pop on to highlight the most important dates like essay deadlines or appointments. Make sure you fill out as much as you can when you first get it then you can consult it easily. I use mine most for uni stuff as it’s a huge reminder on my wall of impending exams or tests but you can use it for doctors or adding in holidays. Plus the stickers mean you don’t even have to write anything down. having a calendar or diary really helped me to organise when I was going to do things and how far in advance I had to prepare for them. It made me so much more calm about deadlines and meant I never missed anything.


Tip 3 – Storage

Whether it be your own apartment or student halls, my guess is that you’re going to be in quite a small space when you first move out and there isn’t going to be that much storage there. A small lifesaver for me was these boxes.


I got them from Home Bargains but they are so so handy for putting into drawers to section off and maximize the space in there. They’re a really cheap way of ensuring you have enough room for all your things. On that note, don’t take too much with you! Take this opportunity to de-clutter you belongings and have a fresh start. If you’re anything like me who tends to hoard things then moving out is the perfect time to go through your stuff and figure out what you don’t need.

♥  (Side tip – Turn all your clothes hangers backwards and whenever you wear something turn it back the right way. Any clothes still left backwards, give to charity or sell them. Maybe even use the money you make to buy some nice new ones that you’ll actually wear.)

Tip 4 – Cooking

When I left for uni I had barely cooked a thing in my life and pasta was pretty much the only thing in on my recipe cards but that can get very boring after a while. My roommates decided it would be best to cook meals together that we’d never cooked before. Not only did this help us to learn new recipes but it also allowed to to split the cost of our evening meals and made it a little cheaper. That’s so handy when you’re on a budget and you can help each other learn the skills your need. I’d also recommend buying a student cookbook or a slow cooker. Even if you aren’t a student, student cookbooks have really easy to make recipes that are relatively cheap but really tasty. Slow cookers mean you can just throw all the ingredients into the cooker in the morning and by the time you get home later you’ve got a lovely meal waiting for you.


Tip 5 – Cosy Bedroom

For me, having a nice, cosy place to go when I need to relax was essential. I filed my bedroom with fairy lights and pictures of memories and people that mean the most to me to give me a piece of home.

I hope these tips help you as they really did make moving out that little bit easier for me.

Abbie ♥


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