I can’t sleep

I set up this blog so that I had somewhere to write my thoughts and feelings as they pop into my head. Right before I decided to pick up my phone and type out what was happening I had been staring at the dark ceiling of my room hoping and praying for sleep to come. 

I don’t know why I can’t sleep. I want to sleep. I need to sleep. But I just can’t. Every time I close my eyes a new thought pops into my head. I must remember it somehow. I’ll get up to write it down. There’s singing coming from the club down the road that I just can’t put to the back of my mind and ignore. There’s also a slight crack in my door where the light peeps through just a little bit too much. My phone beeps. My laptop flashes. A car alarm goes off. 

Now I realise, there’s so much going on around me it’s virtually impossible for me to switch off my mind. There is a whole lot going on in my life right now and sleep is not a number one priority even though it should be. Without sleep my mind and body doesn’t have the time to recouperate and process the day and get ready for the next. I have noticed that my productivity has reached a low and it definitely has something so do with the amount of sleep (quality sleep) I’m getting. 

I tend to go through phases of good and bad sleep. Some weeks I’ll be in bed early and ready to start the day the next morning. Other times I’m up until silly hours in the morning (like tonight) doing goodness knows what and wasting valuable sleep time.

It’s time to put away the devices. Read a book instead of Facebook before bed. Sleep early, wake early. Get my sleeping pattern under control. 

And on that note, my eyes are drooping. 


Abbie ❀


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